Discover your potential and discover a successful path in life and business

Life Coaching

Your mind is full of change , be mindful of it and see the possibilities that lay ahead

NLP Therapy

Improve your business performance and you will improve your business

Project Management Consultancy

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You can achieve and you WILL achieve

Life Coaching
Break the negative beliefs, be decisive, solve problems, set goals….. then you will be successful and achieve. Overcome all those obstacles you thought were holding you back from achieving, whether at work or in general life.
NLP therapy
NLP can and will change your life forever. Whether you are suffering from PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, Abuse, or whether you have issues with addictions, relationships, weight, stress, fears or phobias then NLP is your leap to changing your life forever.
Project Management Consultancy
Ensure your business is achieving to its maximum by reviewing, advising, leading and implementing whatever is required to achieve total success. Making the very best possible business decisions will ensure you are a market leader.
Join us and change your life forever.
Here at mindfullofchange we pride ourselves on not only providing fully qualified NLP therapists, life coaches and Project Management Consultants, but what each and everyone brings through their own life's experience.
Every Therapist has spent time in an intense training programme with a market leader in the national training of NLP. These are nationally and internationally recognised qualifications which ensure that you get exactly what is needed and at a pace and time that suits you. Your NLP Therapist will be exactly that, yours. This training has also incorporated Life Coaching with unique methods and techniques which deliver excellence for the individual and/or the business. We also provide businesses with Project Management Consultants that have years of experience in managing projects from start to finish and have delivered at every level. But as with any business, it is not all about the qualifications, it is about the people and experience. Here at mindfulofchange, we will ensure you get the very best and you get what you need.

It’s all within, just allow yourself to find and release it

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