Discover your potential and discover a successful path in life and business

Life Coaching

Your mind is full of change , be mindful of it and see the possibilities that lay ahead

NLP Therapy

Improve your business performance and you will improve your business

Project Management Consultancy

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You can achieve and you WILL achieve

Life Coaching
Break the negative beliefs, be decisive, solve problems, set goals….. then you will be successful and achieve. Overcome all those obstacles you thought were holding you back from achieving, whether at work or in general life.
NLP therapy
Align your mind and body and allow yourself to define your future. You have all the skills you need, you just need to find and release them…..and you will. Allow yourself to enter the world of NLP and you will succeed.
Project Management Consultancy
Ensure your business is achieving to its maximum by reviewing, advising, leading and implementing whatever is required to achieve total success. Making the very best possible business decisions will ensure you are a market leader.
Join me and change your life forever.
My name is Tony Wymer and i am a Life Coach, NLP Practitioner and Project Management Consultant. I have over 25 years of experience that also incorporates serving in HM Forces, Army.
However, my life’s journey, with my military career, having to start at the very bottom of a new industry and working my way up the ladder to project manager, and then having a complete change in my life as an NLP Practitioner, it has all given me an amazing experience for which I can now assist in bringing success to others. Whether that is therapy on a one to one basis, group or consulting on project management within business or life coaching sessions, we can achieve whatever it is you desire. Join me and change your life forever because, if I can do it, you can do it.

It’s all within, just allow yourself to find and release it

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